cuda on fedora 29

I have a GTX 750 running on Fedora 29. I have installed ( from ). (410.78 and 415.13 fail in gnome-display-manager). fails on driver incompatablity. installs and precompiled binaries work, but the Nvidia compiler, nvcc fails because my gcc version in greater than 6. I would like to install cuda 10.0 and run it with nvidia 410 or 415. Is there a patched version of one of these newer drivers or instructions on how to create one? thanks

The solution to make the current drivers work is removing and reinstalling xorg-x11-server 1.20.3-1.fc29
Then cuda 10 should also work. Additional driver patching should be unneccessary.

So, removing and reinstalling xorg-x11-server should make 410.78 driver work unpatched?

Yes. Provided you updated the kernel to the current fedora one.

How to remove and reinstall the xorg?

See this: