Building driver fails driver version 11 fails to build on FC8

Hi all, me again ;)

I have installed Fedora Core 8 and am encountering a problem building the cuda-enabled driver. I am attatching the nvidia-installer.log. It looks like there are some changes in kernel 2.6.23. I can find driver for FC8, but that is version 100.14.19 which as I understood does not support CUDA. Does anyone have suggestions how to solve it? Maybe I can copy the changes in nv.c from version .19 to .11 ???

nvidia_installer.txt (10.6 KB)

I have installed the latest driver for FC8 (version .19) and all tests from the SDK are running fine (except the ones that need graphics interoperability, but that is expected I believe with 2 cards)

Fedora was not qualified for use with CUDA_1.0. The upcoming CUDA release will have qualified Fedora 7.

Yes, but it works anyway, just like driver .11 is the only one supporting Cuda, but .19 is also working… Anyway, it was also only a driver problem, not a CUDA_SDK/Toolkit problem.

The problem is with the combination .11 driver / 2.6.23 kernel. Same happens on Fedora 7,

.11 does not compile, .19 and .23 do compile with no problems and also run CUDA 1.0 just

fine (using an 8600 GTS).