Using the Fedora rpmfusion nvidia driver vs the internal Nvidia driver

You can get CUDA functionality in Fedora Linux by either installing the nvidia driver that’s in the rpmfusion repository or by installing the Nvidia closed driver (for example out of: For various administration reasons I’d much prefer to use the rpmfusion one but I wanted to find out what functionality if any would be lost. I think the ‘run’ style driver from Nvidia allows CUDA profiling to work but this isn’t supported with the rpmfusion driver? Is there anything else missing?


Yes, I’d like to know that too. I was unable to install the proprietary nVidia driver for the GTX295 on my Fedora 11 box, but somehow managed to get hold of this package


so as to be able to configure the GTX295. But now, Cuda [post=“0”]doesn’t even compile[/post]. Mark, which distro are you on?

At work I’m using Fedora 10 because I knew of the Fedora 11 gcc 4.4 problem with the weak pointers

I’m surprised it’s taking Nvidia this long to support Fedora 11, it’s been out a long time (June 9)

UPDATE: I found this work-around in the forum for the weak pointer situation…st&p=587018

and then I just needed to make some links for,, because Fedora doesn’t have generic links for those but puts a specific

version number in the link. A good number of the SDK example projects will compile but a few fail with:

I think this has something to do with a GL incompatibility with the Mesa stuff on Fedora and the Nvidia GL files that

got put on my machine when I did the run style Nvidia CUDA driver (my machine is pretty polluted now) so I did a

make -k

to continue past those and compile the ones that work.


New CUDA releases tend to come slowly, which means that, at any given time, the last CUDA Toolkit has only been tested with distributions that are at least 6-12 months old.

Usually, the biggest obstacle to forward compatibility of the CUDA Toolkit is a new gcc (as you found). New Linux distribution releases which include a new major release of GCC are far more likely to have compilation problems with CUDA.

I resolved my compilation issues with CUDA by removing rpm of the nvidia driver and by installing the official one [1].