CUDA for Fedora 36

In the repository there’s a folder for Fedora 35, but not for Fedora 36.
There will be a repository of CUDA for Fedora 36?

Thank you ver much!!
Rafel Amer


as of Sept 2022, the 36 repo folder now exists, but is still incomplete and not usable because it’s missing the rpm files with filenames starting with cuda-11.

There’s a known workaround that works very well, see this thread on stackexchange.

The basic idea is that you install akmod-nvidia from RPM fusion, then install cuda from the network repo method with the 35 repo (which is complete) in the Nvidia cuda installation guide, while disabling their dkms driver installation (so that it doesn’t replace the akmod one from RPM fusion). Afterwards, use homebrew to install gcc 11, then use nvcc -ccbin gcc-11 and it will work without issues.

This turns out not to be problematic. Just use the f35 repository. Details at Bug report on nvidia driver 515.65.01 for fedora 36 (kernel 5.18.19, RTX 2060 Rev. 1) - #8 by aannoaanno

why not updating the fc36 repository? Seems nothing was updated since june.

Yes, I am holding out for update until this is available. I am a hobbyist, so I have this luxury. However, I really need fedora 36 for glibc 2.35 compatibility for Unreal Engine slow startup bug. Please nvidia, give us some sort of update on this!