[TIP] CUDA 2.3 app compilation with gcc 4.4.x repost for CUDA with gcc 4.4 on Fedora 11 or others

I repost this as I find many asking the related questions.

  • As FC11 natively brings gcc 4.4.0, so I tried it on FC11. Good thing is, that the workaround also applies with gcc 4.4.x on other Linux distributions.
  • if any failure, search in this forum
    • Correctly install nvidia device driver, simply use the CUDA driver link one or higher version. No recommended to install other packages. If failed, please remove the older nvidia driver socket
    • 64-bit and 32-bit versions differ
    • support libraries in need

I got two ways on FC11:

  • work-around for gcc 4.4.0


  • or install compat-gcc-34 and g++34


both works.