Will the Quadro 4000 make a difference on my mac pro?


I have a 12 core mac pro with an ati radeon hd 5780. I called mac and their techs say I can have both video cards hooked up at the same time (the ati and the quadro).

Will installing the quadro 4000 make a difference in the programs I use in mac osx (adobe creative suite cs5) and in bootcamp (3ds max, maya, motion builder etc). Also will both cards work to speed up the computer or will my ati card become useless effectively pnce the quadro is installed?

I love nvidia cards and Id be happy to install the quadro 4000 I would just like to know if its going to help with render times and if the time saved will be worth the $1.1k for the card.

Thanks for your help.

The Quadro are significantly better than their GeForce counterparts for your purpose. Though I’m not sure how 5780 handles such application.

Your application might be able to use both cards if it uses OpenCL. CUDA is only supported by NVIDIA cards. But you really have to check your application documentation to find out whether it will work with cards of two different brands. I think there are two different drivers here that the application would have to deal with.

Great thank you I will contact adobe and auto desk!