CUDA CC version of Geforce GT430

On official page GF430 CC marked as 1.0:
But on wiki Cuda CC described as 2.1:

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On this page - videocards with GF108:
Of course, Geforce 430 and another.
GF108 from new Tesla products and have CC about 2.1.

And another videocards - Geforce 520. It’s new product and must have new GPU.
On official page mobile Geforce 520M CC marked as 2.1, but desktop product - only 1.2. Why? Geforce 520 based on GF108 with CC2.1 as it’s mobile version.
This GPU have defected CUDA engine? With disabled some CUDA capabilities?

Probably typos ?

Try my test program:

This should give you some idea which capabilities your gpu’s have… ;)

Maybe, but IMHO it’s a rejection of normal chips. If Nvidia itself correct the information on the site - a different matter.

Thank for program, it’s working correct, found CUDA on my GT8500 CC1.1.

I would like to buy an inexpensive GPU with CC2.1 for experimental. But information on the site says that it is impossible, all of the GPU to 2.1 from $ 150 and more.

Currently working on a zotac 430 gt nvidia card… my brothers says this card does not support cuda is that right or does only support cuda 1.0?

we are running the zotac 430 gt on snow leopard but can only get 1024 resolution, If we take the resolution higher we get crashes… could we get new drivers to try ? I