compute compatibility geforce 310M

1.1 or 1.3?

its 1.1 as far as i can tell, but you should simply use the device query functions. look at the sdk example. you can get all the info you need from there.

Actually, I think you will find it is 1.2. The GT310M is a renamed GT210M, which was based on the GT218 core - so a DX10.1 part with most of the GT200 features except double precision.

AFAIK GeForce 310M is based on GeForce 210 with the GT218 chip that supports Compute Capability 1.2.

yap seems you are right 1.2

Thank u for replying.

@erdooom: good idea with the sdk … but a bad idea without a card ;)

my code requires atomic functions on shm so the card must have at least 1.2.

so you are sure that this is given?
it’s because of the decision buying a notebook.


well u didn’t say you dont have it ;)