need a list of supported Card

I need a list of cards that support CUDA 9, and possibly CUDA 10. couldnt find it in website it just say support cuda or not. didnt specify version.

All GPUs with compute capability >= 3.0 support CUDA 9 and CUDA 10. NVIDIA publishes a list of GPUs with their respective compute capability at

Are you asking which GPUs require either CUDA 9 or CUDA 10? What do you need the list for? What are you trying to accomplish?

I need it to buy some compatible cards. what about gt 710? it is not listed there.

NVIDIA’s list is missing a few GPUs every now and then. In those cases, you can check Wikipedia:
GeForce GT 710 GK208-301-A1

GK208 is a Kepler family device, compute capability 3.x. Usually Wikipedia is pretty accurate for this information, but I have seen faulty data on a few occasions. Proceed at your own risk.

Note that the Geforce GT 710 is a very low-end part with abysmal memory bandwidth (likely less than your system memory).

CUDA 9 and CUDA 10 support minimum compute capability (CC) 3.0. I built the list of the NVIDIA graphics cards for desktop with CC >= 3.0 last year, you can check the list for GeForce 700 series in this article:

The 710M has a compute capability of 2.1. I do not see anything specifically about the 710 but when comparing specs, price, etc. I would gues that it would not have CC>=3.0

compute capability = CC = cc

compute capability 2.1 < cc 3.0

because 2.1 < 3.0

CUDA 9, 10, wont work with compute capability 2.1
Neither will cudnn, tensorflow, etc.