CUDA 10.1 installation on a system with both GT710 and RTX2080Ti

I’m trying to build a new machine. I wanna check if I can successfully install CUDA 10.1 from source on a system with both GT 710 and RTX 2080Ti. The purpose of this hardware setup is to totally release RTX card for machine learning and to use a low profile GT 710 for X server.

If I cannot do this, is there any other low profile card that suits the case? Another side question is, is CUDA going to stop Kepler support soon? Thanks a lot.

I found conflicting information from Nvidia sites. This list does not list GT 710 while this list does have GT 710 on the top. I’m confused about the answer. I thought GT 710 is a Kepler 3.x card which should be supported by CUDA 10.