Does Cuda 9.0 support RTX 2060?

We are planning to buy an RTX 2060 for our lab. However, a software that we use requires Cuda 9.0. Is this version of Cuda compatible with RTX 2060? We are using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Toolkit support for the Turing architecture (compute capability 7.5) was added in CUDA 10.0:

A code compiled using CUDA 9.0 may be runnable on a Turing GPU, depending on compilation settings. If it is compiled with JIT support included (PTX) then by installing a compatible driver for your RTX 2060 (which would be necessary to use the GPU in any way), you should be able to run that code on a Turing GPU.

NVIDIA would certainly recommend using CUDA 10.0 or newer for the best Turing experience. On linux it is fairly easy to have both CUDA 9.0 and CUDA 10.0 (or other) installed, and use one or the other based on environment settings.

Thank you, Robert.

Does Cuda11.5 support RTX 2060 now?

Yes. Versions of Cuda released after a given card architecture is released, will maintain backward compatibility for a reasonable period of time.

If you look at Table 4 here: NVIDIA Datacenter Drivers :: NVIDIA Tesla Documentation

you can see that Cuda 11.x is the last major version that will support Kepler GPUs.