Does RTX3060i support CUDA9.0?

Hi Guys,
I had an project that uses RTX2070 with CUDA9.0. But as the RTX2070 not for sale. I’m considering to use the RTX3060i.
My question is whether RTX3060i support CUDA9.0? So that my application doesn’t need to modify.

RTX 3060 (all variants) has compute capability 8.6 (sm_86). Per this overview, the minimum required CUDA version for that compute capability is 11.1. However, I would suggest simply downloading the latest available CUDA version (11.7.0 at time of writing).

Thanks for reply, but if switch to 11.1, that means my tensorflow-gpu.dll and tensorflow-gpu model should be retrained, right?

I don’ t use Tensorflow and have no insights into that.

I can run my CUDA 8.0 samples on my RTX 3080, so your code will probably still run on the 3060. You might need the environmen vars
to get the Intel/nvidia GPU straightened out (see other thread on this topic).