RTX3060 don't support coda toolkit, cuda driver?

At the site CUDA GPUs | NVIDIA Developer, There is no ‘RTX 3060’ on category ‘CUDA-Enabled GeForce and TITAN Products’. So don’t ‘RTX3060’ support ‘cuda toolkit’, ‘cuda driver’? I’m going to buy it for deep learning. So I must use CUDA. I want to know if RTX3060 supports cuda or not. And If not supported, I want to know why RTX3070,3080,3090 exist on the site category ‘CUDA-Enabled GeForce and TITAN Products’ bout RTX3060 doesn’t exist.

Thank you.

I wonder about this issue, can an official answer?

according to the gpu on my laptop the compute capablity of rtx 3060 laptop is 8.6 . hope this helps

I receive nothing…