Cuda Support for RTX 3080 Notebooks


I’m wondering when Nvidia will launch Cuda Support for RTX 3080 Notebook editions?

What do you mean by “launch”? Are you saying you cannot get CUDA 11.2.1 to run on a notebook with mobile RTX 3080 using the latest 460 family drivers?

Yes thats right.

Under the CUDA-Enabled GeForce and TITAN Products it doesnt list the rtx3080 notebook GPU’s

Those lists are manually maintained and not always up-to-date. The mobile RTX 3080 came out a couple weeks ago, I think? Every GPU NVIDIA has made in the past dozen years or so supports CUDA.

For a Windows 10 platform NVIDIA’s driver download page shows me the following driver for a RTX 3080 Laptop GPU:

Driver Version: 461.72 - Release Date: Thu Feb 25, 2021

Ah ok I was trying to use it for a Deep Learning project but it was not using my GPU perhaps I haven’t installed the Nvidia Computing Tool Kit properly

Sorry, I am not familiar with deep learning applications, so can’t help you there. However, if you install the latest CUDA version and the latest driver package, CUDA itself should be functional, and you should be able to confirm that by building and running one of the sample apps that ship with CUDA.

You would also want to make sure you are using the latest machine learning / deep learning software. Note that not infrequently, this kind of software may lag in its CUDA support and may not actually support the latest CUDA release yet, so this is something to watch out for and check.