RTX 3080's compatibility

Lastest driver for the RTX 3080’s is 456.38. Is it compatible with CUDA 10.2?

Generally speaking backwards compatibility of drivers is expected, unless the driver release notes state otherwise
See table 2 here:

The CUDA 10.2 API is expected to work with any driver of release 440.33 or greater. (441.42 on Windows)

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I was also expecting CUDA10.2 to work on the RTX30 series. However, the RTX3080+CUDA10.2 did not work in my environment. (NVIDIA graphics driver version = 456.38.)
I haven’t been able to actually try it out yet, but I’ve been informed that the combination with CUDA11 works.
However, many deep learning frameworks do not support CUDA11, so that is an issue.