RTX 3070 Ti is a CUDA Enabled GPU?

Recently, I just bought RTX 3070 Ti for deep learning.
I was going to install the CUDA Toolkit, but when I looked for the CUDA Enabled GPUs list (CUDA GPUs | NVIDIA Developer),
the GPU is not on the list. The nearest model is RTX 3070.
I am kinda worrying if my GPU doesnt support CUDA.

So, is RTX 3070 Ti also a CUDA Enabled GPU?


Yes, it is. Compute capability 8.6 (sm_86). This is a fairly new GPU model and NVIDIA is sometimes slow to update their manually maintained public lists. Generally speaking, all GPUs NVIDIA has been shipping for the past 12 years or so have been CUDA enabled, though some old models may no longer be supported by modern versions of CUDA.