GeForce GT 710

Hi All,

 Does CUDA support GeForce GT 710 card? If yes, which version of the library ?

 Thanks and regards.


GT 710 may be a Fermi device or a Kepler device. The last CUDA version that supported Fermi GPUs was CUDA 8.0. Kepler devices are definitely supported by CUDA 10, and some Kepler devices are supported by CUDA 11.

I wouldn’t be able to tell you which flavor you have. The only thing I can suggest is trial and error. Since CUDA 8.0 will work on either, you could start by installing CUDA 8.0 and then running the deviceQuery sample code which will tell you what your compute capability is. If the compute capability is 2.x it is Fermi, 3.x it is Kepler. If a Fermi device, just stay with CUDA 8.0. If a Kepler device, based on the compute capability you could upgrade your CUDA install to a newer version.

Thank you Robert.