What GPU is on my GeForce GT 710 board?

I want to do some GPU code development and I happen to have a GT 710 on my computer.
However, I cannot find anything online about which GPU chip is on it, or what architecture it is, or other specs.
What I do know is that it has 3.5 compute capability, and it has 192 CUDA cores, and it has a base clock of 135 MHz and a boost clock of 954 MHz. The GPU Caps Viewer app tells me nothing more.
I believe it is a Kepler architecture, but I’m not sure about that, because when I read a spec for Kepler, it mentions having 15 SMX units, whereas mine only has one (I read the %nsmid register to verify this).

Can anyone tell me which GPU device I have, and where I can find the specs for it?
I’d like to know the details for low level programming, such as how many registers in the register file, size of shared memory, number of thread blocks that can be active concurrently, etc.

Your GT 710 GPU uses a GK208 chip.

Thanks. By the way, how did you find that out, and could I have found the info myself somehow?

Actually, never mind. I just followed the link in your answer, over to Wikipedia.
NOTE to NVIDIA folks:
I’d like to say that it would be really nice if the NVIDIA product pages would provide this information. Such as a comparison of different GEForce cards, or more details about the GT 710 in particular.


Is this what you are looking for?