GeForce 8600GT CUDA


I would like to set myself up a CUDA programming environment.
I was wondering if GeForce 8600GT is supported by CUDA?
If so, what is number of cores, number of threads and the CUDA rev level?
Any CUDA functionality that will be missing?


Yes, the 8600 GT is supported.

CUDA programming guide, appendix A will tell you the number of multiprocessors and the compute level. (In your case, the 8600 GT has 4 SM = 32 SP, and compute capability 1.1)

To find out the clock rate, I usually go to Wikipedia:…88xxx.29_series

Note that the Wikipedia table only lists stock clock rates. Some card builders release overclocked versions of their cards. (I doubt anyone made an overclocked 8600 GT, but who knows…)