No of cores in 8400 GS


I am trying to find how many processor cores are there in GeForce 8400 GS. In the technical detail on nvidia website this information is missing ;
GeForce 8400 GS
Any link where this information is present?


It should be 16 cores (2 multiprocessors) according to the CUDA programming guide.

Not all of them.I have a gigabyte 8400gs that shows up as 8 even though when i bought it it was advertised as 16.

Hmm - indeed, this Wikipedia page is too reporting conflicting values.

The overall summary page:…88xxx.29_series

lists two variants of the 8400 GS. One has 16 stream processors, but only a shader clock of 900 MHz, and the other one has 8 stream processors, but a shader clock of 1400 MHz.

(I wonder who thought that was a good idea…)

Probably the same one’s who came up with the 9800GX2’s with only 512meg’s of vram.Forget aa on crysis.

It may help.