Number of Multiprocessors for GeForce 8400GS?

I have a GeForce 8400GS and running deviceQuery results in:

Device 1: "GeForce 8400 GS"

  CUDA Driver Version:						   2.30

  CUDA Runtime Version:						  2.30

  CUDA Capability Major revision number:		 1

  CUDA Capability Minor revision number:		 1


Number of multiprocessors:					 1

  Number of cores:							   8


however in Appendix A (A.1) of the Programming Guide (CUDA 2.3) the number of multiprocessors for a GeForce 8400GS is reported to be 2, not 1.

Is this a typo in the CUDA Programming Guide? The eVGA card was advertised as a regular GeForce 8400GS, not some sort of

disabled GeForce 8400GS card. I also own a GeForce GTX 260 MaxCore which contains 3 more multiprocessors than the

regular GeForce GTX 260 and deviceQuery reports the number of multiprocessors correctly.


There are two versions of the 8400GS. Yours is the newer one with somewhat higher clocks and only one multiprocessor.

Thanks for the clarification … given the plethora of specialized hardware configurations (MaxCore, etc) it would be nice if NVIDIA would publish a complete hardware specification list so the output of deviceQuery can be interpreted correctly.