Number of MPs in GeForce 8600M GS Typo in CUDA Programming Guide?


A table in Apendix A of CUDA Programming Guide, Version 2.0 says that GeForce 8600M GS has 4 multiprocessors which, I think, is wrong (it should be 2).
One can check the specs at and found that this card has 16 stream processors. I believe, 16 SPs comprise 2 MPs.

Am I wrong?


That same ‘typo’ is there for the Quadro FX 570 as well, among others. I vaguely recall a thread on this subject before, with reasoning I never quite bought… So I’d also be interested in a straight answer on this - however considering this certainly wouldn’t be the first discrepancy in the programming guide, I’m guessing it is just a typo.

Section 3.1 of the programming guide:

"A multiprocessor consists of eight Scalar Processor (SP) cores, two special function

units for transcendentals, a multithreaded instruction unit, and on-chip shared

memory. "

So yeah, there’s probably a typo somewhere.