Develop on your Notebook with GeForce, Deploy on Tesla

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There’s a new post over on the NVIDIA Corporate Blog by my colleague Mark Ebersole about the latest line of laptops powered by new GeForce 700-series GPUs. As Mark explains, the GeForce 700 series (GT 730M, GT 735M, and GT 740M), powered by the low-power GK208 GPU has the latest compute features of the Tesla K20…

This sounds fantastic! Though, until I started trying to find out when cc3.5 notebook cards were coming out, I was completely unaware of this, as the compute capabilities for this family of cards is listed at 3.0:
I'm guessing this is just a typo?

No its not a typo on the compute capability page. This article is wrong unfortunately. There are no 3.5 devices for notebooks. I have a GTX 780M and it is definitely only a 3.0 device.

I checked on this. I'm told that any non-ASUS GeForce GT 730M is a GK208, which is SM 3.5. So the article is not wrong.