CUDA Installation in Ubuntu 20.04

I installed the CUDA 11.6 in my ubuntu 20.04 (Graphic Card - NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 OEM) using the official documentation of NVIDIA (Follow the link : CUDA Toolkit 11.6 Update 2 Downloads | NVIDIA Developer)

But just after the installation, my desktop screen drivers were not there or blocked and there was no display. Then I uninstalled the CUDA and related drivers and it becomes fine.

Now, I found two methods for installing CUDA:

  1. Install CUDA from Ubuntu repository
  2. Install CUDA from CUDA repository (followed previously)

Which method will be better to avoid any type of error?

Please install the driver using Software&Updates and then don’t install “cuda” but “cuda-toolkit”.
The GT630 doesn’t support cuda 11.6. Depending on the chip version (Fermi - driver 390 / Kepler - driver 470) it only supports cuda 8 or cuda 11.4.

Thanks for the help.
I upgraded my graphics card to GK208B [GeForce GT 730]
Will it support cuda 11.6?

No, GK… stands for Kepler which is supported by cuda 11.4 max.

Please have a look at this:

I’m talking about this graphics card.