Can I install cuda 9.0 on ubuntu 22.04

I have a laptop with a GeForce 920M gpu (not MX) and ubuntu 22.04. I want to install the cuda toolkit but if I have understood correctly the latest drivers don’t work with my gpu and therefore cuda 11.8 neither. I have installed the 390.154 legacy drivers and as far as I can tell (output of nvidia-smi and nvidia-settings) they are working. The latest cuda version compatible with these drivers is 9.0 (I think). Can I install this cuda version on the latest ubuntu lts? If it is possible, which is the way you recommend I install it, with the run file or with the deb package? Thanks in advance.

My advice: don’t use cuda 9 due to the gcc limit.
Your 920M should be Kepler based, so the correct driver would be 470. Please install that through Software&Updates. Then you should be able to use cuda 11.4 which supports the 22.04 native gcc 11.
To not run into package dependency issue, use the runfile installer and skip driver install when asked. You’ll then have to set the correct PATH manually, e.g. in bashrc.

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Thanks a lot! I hadn’t understood at all the documentation. It seems to have worked. I have been trying to install this for quite some time actually, I’m very grateful for your help.

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