Cuda 10.1 and GTX 1660 ti - not compatible?

So, I was reading up on cuda, and according to wiki, 7.5 supports my GTX 1660 ti that I use on the road.
but 7.5 is made for vs 2013.

Can it be correct that 10.1 does not support my GPU? (can´t find it on the GeForce list)
and if I am wrong, or if its on the way, does anyone have ny hints.

Best reagards - Michlas.

all NVIDIA GPUs manufactured in the last 8+ years are CUDA capable.

Any recent CUDA toolkit (e.g. 10.x) will work fine with any GPU that is Kepler or newer, including your 1660 ti.

Ill try to see whats wrong, i get the 0 device error.

But thanks.

For recent or “new” gpus, I usually recommend to:

  1. install the latest driver for your GPU from
  2. If on linux, use a runfile installer and select “no” or deselect the option to install the driver. If on windows, deselect the option to install the bundled driver.
  3. Be sure to follow the instructions in the appropriate install guide, including any mandatory post-install setup steps as well as the verification steps indicated.

Thank you, i got it to work, apparently an error had occured during the driver update, so it did not register before i tried to re-update it.

Thanks :)