No CUDA Support??? Dell XPS 9560 with GeForce 1050 on Windows 10

Does anyone know if/when Dell’s XPS 9560, GeForce 1050 will get CUDA support?

Also, I am curious why the 1060,1070,etc are all supported but not the 1050 on Notebook.

Windows Driver Date: 2017-05-01
Windows Driver version:

Nvida Date: 2017.5.4
Nvida Version: 382.05


It’s just an omission in the cuda-gpus table. It will be updated at some point. All NVIDIA GPUs produced since approximately 2010 are supported by CUDA, including the one in that Notebook.

Okay, fantastic. I thought that might be the case.

But, when I try to install the NVIDA CUDA software the ‘System Check’ fails.

“This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware. You many…
of the CUDA toolkit.”

So, if I just continue, it will be fine?
Finally, when I look at the ‘Custom setup’ it is coming the CUDA software install an older driver.
Should I let it install the older one?

Thanks again,

Yes, continue. No, don’t install the older driver. That should leave your current 382.05 driver intact, which will work fine with the current CUDA 8.