Nividia driver version for Ubuntu 1604, GTX 1080 Ti and CUDA 9

Hi there,

what is the correct nvidia driver version compatible with CUDA 9 on a GTX 1080 Ti Ubuntu 1604 computer?

Anyone could share very detail commands sequences to do this?

Some people said we have to use CUDA8 and using runfile to install CUDA8.

Others using a driver version which is not compatible to GTX 1080 Ti at all(Have no idea why they could work with that version).

At least from my tests, only 384.111 works well when CUDA 9 not installed. After install cuda 9, the cards do not work in correct way and I have to use ctrl alt F1 to promp login with password.

Thank you.


Going back a few releases for the ones that support your card:

CUDA 9.1 requires at least 390.00 driver
CUDA 9.0 requires at least 384.00 driver
CUDA 8.0 requires at least 361.xx driver

The first CUDA version that supports Pascal (GTX 1080,1080Ti cards) is 8.0, if I am not mistaken.

So you can do CUDA 8.0, 9.0, or 9.1. Further, you should be able to use the latest driver with any previous CUDA versions. If you are having display issues, it is probably due to a bad driver installation in your O/S.

The CUDA Linux installation guide is here:

CUDA installations include the minimum driver version supported and you are prompted to install it. If you already have a newer driver, there’s no reason to reinstall the NVIDIA driver that comes with CUDA package.

Hi vacaloca,

after install nvidia-390.25, the graphical cards are not working correctly, only one card could be detected. Do you know how to solve this problem?