Which CUDA version will work with driver 390.77?

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I’m using four GTX Titan Xp with driver version 390.77. Further I installed CUDA version 9.2 on Ubuntu 16 and realized it doesn’t work with the drivers.
I don’t want to use a different driver for the GPUs. I am rather looking for the appropriate CUDA version to use. Any recommendations?
Thanks a lot for any suggestions!

CUDA 9.1 or prior should work with that driver
see table 1 here:

Thank you! With CUDA 9.1 everything is working now. The provided link is also very helpful!


I found this forum talking about an installation I’m trying to do. May be you can help me.
I’m trying to recover and old PC I have with a GeForce GTX 560. I would like to install CUDA on that PC to play a little big on it.
The last driver version compatible with the graphic card seems to be nvidia-390 so CUDA 9.1 seems to be the right option. I’m using ubuntu 16.04.
After installing CUDA 9.1 following installation options using .deb packages (local or remote), the installation erase my nvidia-390 driver to install nvidia-455 instead. Do you known if it is possible today to force during the installation of CUDA9.1 to use the nvidia-390 driver instead the nvidia-455?
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