CUDA 9.1 under Ubuntu 16.04 with GeForce GTX 1080

I need to install CUDA 9.1 under Ubuntu 16.04 with a GeForce GTX 1080. I specifically have to run driver version 390.12. The issue I am having is that the CUDA installer removes driver 390.12 and installs 387 in its place. Uninstalling 378 in turn uninstalls CUDA, so I can’t seem to get to the right combo successfully. Please help. Thanks!

start over with a clean load of Ubuntu 16.04 and use the network deb installer. Do not use the local deb installer. Do not use the network runfile installer. Do not use the local runfile installer.

Thanks @txbob !


Should we install our preferred version of the driver before or after the network deb installer for CUDA 9.1?


the network deb installer will pull in a 390.xx driver. I believe currently it pulls in 390.12, but that is subject to change to a newer driver. I thought that was what you wanted.

If you want to install a specific driver, I suggest the following:

  • download the driver runfile installer from
  • download the desired CUDA (local) runfile installer from
  • read the linux install guide carefully. Follow all steps associated with runfile installer installation, such as removal of nouvea
  • run the driver installer - this will install your desired driver version
  • run the CUDA installer - but select “no” when prompted to install the bundled driver - this will leave your previously installed driver in place

There are a great many caveats to this. It’s important to read and understand the linux install guide. For example, you must choose a driver version that is compatible both with your GPU, and with whatever CUDA version you intend to use.


Awesome. Thank you so much!