Any VPN software I can use on TX2 Ubuntu 16.04?


My ROS runs on TX2 and communicates with Ground control station with WIFI. Now we want to use 4G (USB dangle) to replace wifi which means TX2 and GCS will not in the same local network. I try to use VPN (wireguard) to connect them. X86 platform works well, but TX2 has some issues. Seems wiregiard not supported by TX2. Error msg:
"It is likely that 4.4.38-tegra belongs to a chroot’s host
Building initial module for 4.4.38-tegra
ERROR (dkms apport): kernel package linux-headers-4.4.38-tegra is not supported
Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 4.4.38-tegra (aarch64)

Any other VPN client can be used on TX2? And any suggestion for 4G communication.

We don’t have much experience on trying VPN with Jetson platforms, may other developers share their experiences.