Any way to scale a convex mesh or collection?

As the title says, I want to load a collection from a repX file and scale it by a certain multiplier.

I can manually loop through the collections shapes, scaling their geometry values manually eg :

case PxGeometryType::eSPHERE:
				PxSphereGeometry geom;
				geom.radius *= scale.x;

But there’s a problem when I get to mesh shapes as I can’t find a way to manually modify them. In the old PhysX 2 we use to do it like this, but now we can’t as getVertices is const:

PxConvexMesh* mesh =<PxConvexMesh>();
			for (unsigned int i = 0; i < mesh->getNbVertices(); i++)
				const PxVec3& v = mesh->getVertices()[i];
				v.x *= scale.x;
				v.y *= scale.z;
				v.z *= scale.y;

yes, you can scale convex mesh, but the scale is a part of a geometry, see:
PX_INLINE PxConvexMeshGeometry( PxConvexMesh* mesh,
const PxMeshScale& scaling = PxMeshScale(),
PxConvexMeshGeometryFlags flags = PxConvexMeshGeometryFlag::eTIGHT_BOUNDS) :
PxGeometry (PxGeometryType::eCONVEXMESH),
scale (scaling),
convexMesh (mesh),
meshFlags (flags)