How to rescale every object in a collection deserialized from a .RepX file?

Hello everyone,

I started to learn about PhysX recently, and I am trying to integrate it into my engine. I came across a problem when I trying to rescale the collection deserialized form a .RepX file.

The situation is like this, I am using 3ds Max 2014 with PhysX plug-in for model and ragdoll building, then I import them into my engine. The model and ragdoll work alright if I don’t scale them, however I do need to change their sizes in the future. I think I read a post from the forum that there is no method can do this automatically, so I am trying to implement this feature recently but I don’t know the proper way to scale the ragdoll, and I hope someone can show me the proper way to do it(like what needs to be changed/scaled).

Currently I can somewhat rescale the rigid body correct, by simply detaching all the shapes of a rigid body, then recreating the scaling version of those shapes and attaching them back to the rigid body(if this is not the right way, please also give me some advises). Unfortunately, for those joints and constraints I have no clue. I tried to change the linear/swing/twist limits and the local poses for the actors, the actors will still explode and the scene will become really unstable.

Please give me some advises, thanks.