How to create a ragdoll in 3dmax with the physx plugin and export it

I am start learning physx recently. I want export a ragdoll(dynamic rig) from the 3dmax by the physx plugin and then rebuild it with the physx3.4 sdk. but I can’t find any interface to analyze the exported data (.nxb、.xml or .rag). my physx plugin version is NVVDIA_PhysX_3.4.0_For_Autodesk_3ds_max_2013_64bit. is there any body kind enough to show me a way? thank you.

3DS Max supports two versions of PhysX SDK, 2.x and 3.x. You need make sure that it uses 3.x SDK via the PhysX Setting Panel via first toolbar icon.From the extension you said, it seems you are exporting for SDK 2.x.
When exporting PhysX, you will find out the exported file is with RepX as extension.You need program to load this RepX.

Hi juma,I have found out the problem by my self,but thank you for your reply anyway。