PhysX SDK 2.8.5 download??

hi, I am using the Rayfire 1.6 plugin for 3ds MAx 2012 and I received an error message that suggested I switch to SDK 2.8.5 I am having trouble finding a way to download that version.

could anyone please point me to a page where it can be downloaded or send a link?

you can downlaod PhysX Plugin for 3ds Max from here:

PhysX SDK can also be downloaded from the sites.

Hello Juna,

I get confused as well, the latest 3DS MAX plug-in sais to have in it 2.8.5 but I cannot find it on the web. Usually I find out about updates by: But this site has no clue to a new version. So where is 2.8.5?


So where is 2.8.5?
Afaik, there is no 2.8.5… that is how latest versions of 2.8.4 SDK are called sometimes
If you look in PhysX plug-in folder, you will find PhysX .dlls, not 2.8.5

Ok thanks!


2.8.5 was a build that shipped only with the plugin. It was never shipped for games, it had a specific modification that was necessary for a particular aspect of the plugin, which I cannot recall exactly.