PhysX RepX Problem

Hey guys,

I’m trying to upgrade from PhysX 3.2 to PhysX 3.4 and everything has gone smoothly, except for this problem I’m having with RepX. I have a .RepX file that I want to create a collection from, and then use that collection as a reference to which I can create multiple instances of. I’m able to create the collection, but I don’t know how to create “instances” of this collection.

Typically what I would do (in PhysX 3.2) is:

instantiateCollection(*mCollection, *mPhysics->PhysXSDK, *mPhysics->Cooking, mStringTable, itemAdder);

but in PhysX 3.4 this is no longer a function.

Much Appreciated,




There is a significant change to serialization from PhysX 3.2 to PhysX 3.4. Please take a look at our PhysX Guide (Serialization section) for the latest update.