Anybody know where I can find out more about Nvidia's summer robotics internship?

Hi everyone,
I participated in Nvidia’s recent webinar “Breaking New Frontiers in Robotics and Edge Computing with AI.” They mentioned a summer robotics internship for high school students that sounded right up my alley (I’m a high schooler that uses the TX2 in my independent robotics research project, and I was on a FIRST robotics team for about six years). I tried to search for more info online, but I can’t find any info about it. Does anyone know where I can learn more? Thanks!

Hi wheitman9312, this year’s summer intern program is coming to a close, but please mail me your resume or CV (to dustinf AT nvidia) for consideration in future opportunities. Also do me a favor an remind us next spring if you are still interested at that time.

would It make sense if I do the same too?