API can measure or query values of performance counters

Hi guys,
I need to model the performance of Tesla K40 ,I want to run a fragment of my data set on gpu, for example 20%, then by measuring some performance counters i can characterize the rest of input data set, corresponding to the performance model i made before by these performance counters and various data sets.
what API can query some performance counters during cuda program executation?for example by nvml i can query power consumption of GPU everyWhere of my code.I need something like nvml for measuring performance counters every where of my code.

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I’m sorry,i didn’t know that what sub-forum is the accurately related to my topic.

What you’re suggesting is fairly difficult, but the profiler API is CUPTI:


Thanks a lot for your comment
But as you say, using CUPTI is very challenging for me,
Can you give me a sample code that check some metrics using CUPTI,
Thanks in advance.

There are cupti sample codes installed with the CUDA toolkit. On a standard linux install they are in: