Arch Linux on the TK1 with XBMC 13 + Mythv

I just got Arch Linux running on my TK1 this week and I have to admit, it is looking very promising. I can’t take the credit for getting it running, but I followed this post

I have been wanting to load arch on my TK1 since i first got it. I have been moving away from using debian for the last year, but was hesitant with the TK1 since there wasn’t any official how to. Well I can honestly say it was much easier than i thought. I still am going to have to make some minor kernel tweaks, but so far its looking good.
My entire reason for wanting to go to Arch on the TK1 was their AUR repo and their multiplatform-ARMv7 install. Last night i got XBMC 13 and Mythtv up and running.

Soon I release Slackware for Jetson too!


We’ve sent a few Jetson TK1 boards to the Arch Linux ARM maintainers, as mentioned at the end of that thread, so hopefully we’ll have quite good support for various distributions & desktop environments. Someone on that thread mentioned he has already gotten GNOME, KDE, XFCE, RazorQT, XBMC, OpenBox and MythTV installed on his Jetson TK1 using Arch Linux!

That’s very nice, a cutting-edge Linux distribution on a cutting-edge platform!

Can I have one for FreeNAS support? :D

Question, if you’re still watching the thread: Does Arch Linux support HDMI audio output on the Jetson?

I’m interested in switching over, but need HDMI audio because my sound is wired HDMI to optical out of the display. L4T 21.x finally has HDMI audio working reliably.

If it doesn’t work or will be intermittent, I may try compiling MythTV from source rather than switching to Arch.


I’d guess that the Nouveau driver would have HDMI audio support, if it works on any other Linux distro it should work on Arch (assuming that whatever current Arch package/stack that’s installed isn’t broken).