Are there any hidden dangers in use TEGRA_CAMERA_CID_LOW_LATENCY mode by v4l2 on TX2NX,

When using v4l2, we found that the default mechanism was to use the release buffer N at N+2 frame start event mechanism. However, we unexpectedly discovered that a low latency mode was already present in version 32.7.2 to improve this issue. Therefore, I have two questions to ask:

  1. What is the purpose of the N+2 frame mechanism?

  2. Are there any drawbacks to using low latency mode?

  1. Add this for some special use case. AKA for improving latency.
  2. Didn’t have fully test for this mode. Only have fully test for the default mode.


Thank you for the reply.
Regarding the first question, why does the default mode delay by two frames.

Let sensor have 2 frames time for the gain/exposure take effect.

So if our automatic exposure and gain are implemented at the hardware level, then theoretically there won’t be much impact in low latency mode?

Suppose yes

Thank you

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