Argus & EGL Stream cross-process examples

Hi I am wondering is there any argus code examples demonstrating sending EGL images to a different process.

Our usecase, we have our stereo vision pipeline (visual slam) and video processing pipeline (video encoding, streaming recording) and they are in two different processes. The major reasons for doing this way are to make sure our vision pipeline will never be crashed or slowed down by the image pipeline. Both pipelines are implemented by Gstreamer.

In our vision pipeline, we will do the camera capture and fisheye lens correction using CUDA and other computer vision algorithms and then we will send the processed images to the image pipeline.
We are planning to move to the libargus to implement the vision pipeline and wondering can I wrap the vision pipeline output as EGL Producer and have an EGL consumer in the image pipeline (in another process). Does NVIDIA have an example like this?


A possible solution is to use EGLStream producer/consumer. Please refer to

It does not involve Argus and you would need to do integration for the usecase.