How can i producer libargus camera frame,and consum in cross process?

i want use argus to produce frame in one process,and multi consumer process consumer the argus producer frame;
I use eglstream,IEGLOutputStream api has the “virtual EGLStreamKHR getEGLStream()” funcation,but i could not use the api of eglGetStreamFileDescriptorKHR to get the fd to socket to the consumer…
how can i producer libargus camera frame,and consume in cross process,multi consumer cross process?

main.cpp (21.6 KB)
this is my test code,eglGetStreamFileDescriptorKHR always failed,can not reuse the argus stream to get FileDescriptor?

i find eglstream sample code in graphics_demos(eglstreamcube),and EGLStream_CUDA_CrossGPU,but it do not use argus to produce frame,how can i do it?

Please refer to
Argus & EGL Stream cross-process examples - #3 by DaneLLL

There is no existing sample and you would need to do implementation.