Corresponding frames of libargus and cuda streams

I am using one camera with a TX2. In Libargus I have created two streams:

  1. Captures full resolution images to Libargus (like sample 09_camera_jpeg_capture)
  2. Captures scaled resolution and transfers frames to cuda (cuEGLStreamConsumerConnect, cuEGLStreamConsumerAcquireFrame, cuGraphicsResourceGetMappedEglFrame).

Stream 2 is used to detect objects. When detected I want the corresponding full resolution frame of stream 1.

How do I know which frame from stream 1 (EGLStream::Frame) corresponds to a frame of stream 2 (CUeglFrame)?
Is Argus::CaptureMetadata data available for stream 2?

hello G71ZZ,

I would suggest your refer to [L4T Multimedia API Reference], and check the Argus::IEventQueue
you may check the descriptor to distinguish the streaming.

Thanks, that works.
I’ve pushed EVENT_TYPE_CAPTURE_COMPLETE events in the Event queue which gives me the metadata.