Argus: Getting timestamp for frames acquired by cuEGLStreamConsumerAcquireFrame


I have been experimenting with the cudaHistogram and the cudaBayerDemosaic examples in the tegra_multimedia_api code on my Jetson Xavier. I’m trying to get the timestamp and get acces to the pixel data on the planes.

If I use FrameConsumer::acquireFrame, and then cast the Frame to an IFrame, I can use getTime() to get the timestamp. However, I haven’t found any functions on the IFrame or IFrame2D interfaces that allow you to access the data - all I see is a way to get the fd for a buffer.

In the CUDA examples, I can use cudaEGLStreamConsumerAcquireFrame to pull an image from the EGL stream. I can map the cudaResource to a cudaArray, so I can access the data. However, I can’t see how I can get the timestamp using this method.

Any suggestions? I’m looking for a way to get the frame timestamp from the cudaEGLStreamComsumerAcquireFrame call (ex: cudaHistogram or cudaDebayerMosaic examples), OR, a way to access the pixel data and planes using the FrameConsumer/Frame/IFrame method.


It is a limitation. Please check similar topics:

Have a check yuvJpeg sample code.

./samples/yuvJpeg/main.cpp:                       static_cast<unsigned long long>(iMetadata->getSensorTimestamp()),

Hi BareMetalCoder,
If you are using CudaConsumer you can get the Metadata from the EGLStream using the MetadataContainer object. Please check the following code snippet.
This sample has been implemented in the CudaBayerDemosaicConsumer::threadExecute() function.

+ UniqueObj<EGLStream::MetadataContainer> container(MetadataContainer::create(<replace EGLDisplay>, <replace EGLStream>);
+ IArgusCaptureMetadata *iArgusMeta = interface_cast<IArgusCaptureMetadata>(container.get());
+ if (!iArgusMeta)
+    ORIGINATE_ERROR("Failed to create Metadata Container");
+ CaptureMetadata *metadata = iArgusMeta->getMetadata();
+ ICaptureMetadata *iCaptureMeta = interface_cast<ICaptureMetadata>(metadata);
+ if (!iCaptureMeta)
+    ORIGINATE_ERROR("Unable to get Capture Metadata from frame");
+ uint64_t sensorTimeStamp = iCaptureMeta->getSensorTimestamp();

// On the first frame, print the information contained in the CUDA EGL frame structure.
if (frameID == 0)

Hi Waiss,

Thanks for the suggestion - I had already tried that, but I got an error from src/eglstream/MetadataContainerImpl.cpp:

(Argus) Error InvalidState: Frame does not have data

Unfortunately, this error is in the argus library so I can’t dig any deeper.

I am using EGL_NO_DISPLAY – could that be a problem?

Ok, found it. I didn’t know I had to enable metadata while setting up my EGLStream! EGL_NO_DISPLAY causes no problems.

IEGLOutputStreamSettings * iEGLStreamSettings = interface_cast<IEGLOutputStreamSettings>(streamSettings);
if (!iEGLStreamSettings) {
    ORIGINATE_ERROR("Failed to create OutputStreamSettings");

Waiss, You saved me a lot of time, as I was preparing to reimplement our pipeline using the suggestions that preceded your comment. I am deeply thankful.

Hi BareMetalCoder,
Aplologies for the late response looks like you have already figured out the change.
Anyways I am glad that I could be of your help. :)