Argus timestamp when consuming EGL stream with cuda

I’m using cudaEGLStreamAcquireFrame to get a cudaGraphicsResource_t from my argus EGL stream. how can I get the ISP timestamp for the resulting frames? is there a way to convert that cuda resource to an IFrame interface?

hello wdouglass,

iCaptureMetadata->getSensorTimestamp() return the kernel timestamp of sensor start-of-frame.
you may also execute the argus sample, argus_yuvjpeg for checking.
for example,

CONSUMER: Acquired Frame: 1, time 2836175212000
CONSUMER: 	<b>Sensor Timestamp: 2836100945000,</b> LUX: 244.252213
CONSUMER: 	IImage(2D): buffer 0 (2592x1944, 2624 stride), 28 2b 2d 2d 30 2f 30 32 38 23 24 2c
CONSUMER: 	IImage(2D): buffer 1 (1296x972, 2624 stride), 7f 85 81 83 7a 85 7c 84 96 7f 85 8d

But how do i get iCaptureMetadata when using cudaEGLStreamAcquireFrame to get my frame instead of iFrameConsumer->acquireFrame()?

Please refer to