Embedding metadata to EGLStream


Our project using several generic inputs for CUDA image processing (sensor, file, net) and EGLStream for passing data to Argus-rendering and gstreamer-video encoding.
Next step should be real-time histogram of video stream.
We considering to use CaptureMetadata and embed CUDA-calculated histogram.
Is there a “legal” way to combine this data with EGLStream frames (CUeglFrame) so Argus could use getBayerHistogram() or getRGBHistogram()?



Actually, we have an Argus sample combining with CUDA histogram calculation.
It’s recommended to check it first: /usr/src/tegra_multimedia_api/argus/samples/cudaHistogram


That requires additional pipe to pass the histogram data for rendering between threads.
CaptureMetadata is preferable due to the fact that Argus is capable to handle it on his own.