Get EGLimage from EGL Stream


I have a camera producing an eglstream with the Jetson MM API (using libargus and inspiration from the argus player I’ve created a preview stream),

I’ve followed the eglstream cube example to create a pipeline that can communicate via unix sockets.

Now I want to extract images from the stream and I’m wondering if there is an elegant solution for that? (i.e. is there an example I an use like an implementation of NV_stream_consumer_eglimage or is there a different method? )

My Final Aim is to create a gstreamer DL pipeline (for a High FPS and high res Images as I can push)
I will need to consume the same image in different nodes therefore need to avoid replication as much as I can as I’m dealing with multiple image streams from sources.


Please refer to this post:
How to read egl pixel data from a plain cuda kernel? - #3 by DaneLLL

You would need to create NvBuffer so that can call NvEGLImageFromFd() to get EGLImage.

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Thanks Dane!

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