Audio and mulitmedia? Question on cuda

I was just wondering if there is any kind of program that uses cuda to rip audio? I heard talk of how fast it code be to encode or rip media. I more or less would just like to see how quickly the gtx 260 can perform at such a task.

Also was wondering if there was any video conversion programs or anything like that.

for audio: there was a contest organzied by nvidia to write a mp3 encoder. but that didn’t go too well. (just 2 people sent in working code ;-)) nevertheless, you should be able to find it somewhere in the cuda zone.
for video-transcoding, search for badaboom. and yes, there are some speedups. g

Thanks I will look into that.

Some parts of the encoding process can be greatly sped up by CUDA (for example, normalization, or finding RMS values of the signals, etc.), but sadly, most encoding time is stuck in a serial process, so it doesn’t turn out to be CUDA’s strong point.

However, some applications may see a gain of 4x (e.g. h.264 encoders) with a well-written program.