Any Advice On A Dedicated MKV Encoding Machine Please? I need a dedicated Encoding Machine


I currently have an Opteron Dual Core Machine which I use to encode my DVD collection to MKV using Ripbot264. As you may be aware this currently takes approx 5 hours per movie! I would like to purchase an NVIDIA CUDA card to solely use this machine for encoding (not games) can anyone please advise me as to the best card to buy (dont want to spend £300 on a card that will only encode a movie 5 minutes faster than a £100 card) The motherboard that I am running the Opteron Dual Core in only has an AGPX8 & PCI (Not PCI-e) slots so I understand that I may have to buy another motherboard. Am I right in thinking that Ripbot264 will not use the CUDA technology & I will have to use an alternative software package? if so what can be recommended for encoding my movies?

Many Thanks in Advance!!

afaik, the only encoding software that takes advantage of cuda capable cards is badaboom, which still has its caveats (take a look at this comparison/re- and preview:
if you want any decent performance, you should buy a new board with pci-e.
as for the cards: go with gtx260, gtx280 or gtx285 (iirc, the latter one will be available in a week or so). you can guesstimate the performance by multiplying the shader units times shader clock.
if you don’t want to use badaboom, go for nehalem and use the software of your choice (any should now support multiple threads). this will still be way faster than you current solution.

Cyberlink PowerDirector and Adobe’s CS4 support CUDA-accelerated H.264 encoding.

adobe cs4 does not support gpu encoding. there is only a plugin available, it’s called rapiHD and is from the same company that does badaboom. ;-)
the new powerdirector does support gpu encoding, but i haven’t seen a single benchmark yet.

Many Thanks for your advice so far, I really appreciate it! Do I really have to spend that much on a card? I saw a card but cant remember the name of it in PC World for £90 I only want to encode movies not play games, so I am looking to reduce the average movie encode time from 5-6 hours to perhaps 1-2 is there really no choice but to spend £200 on a CUDA compatible card?

Thanks Again…

well, the problem is that gaming capability equals computational power. so a card that is good for gaming will provide nice results with cuda.
if you don’t want to spend ~200€ for a gtx260, you can go with some geforce 9xxx. you can estimate their porformance by multiplying the number of shader processors times the shader clock. just take care that you don’t get one with ddr2 memory, that’s just too slow. get gddr3 and preferably a 256bit bus.
unfortunately there aren’t that much benchmark results out there, so you will have to estimate there, too.