Aveneues of collaboration with AI/ML security product company Stryk.ai

We recently got accepted into the NVIDIA inception program and am reaching out to see if there would be interest from NVIDIA for collaboration on the work we do at Styrk.
At Styrk, https://styrk.ai, we have developed a product that scans for adversarial attacks on AI/ML Models and proposes mitigation mechanisms for the same. In addition we also scan for bias and sensitive data elements. We have recently filed a provisional patent for a proprietary mitigation mechanism that works well against a wide range of attacks, therefore you do not need to be cognizant of the attack you are getting to decide on the defence mechanism to employ. As an ambitious startup, on a mission to make AI easy to adopt, we are quite nimble, moldable, eager and ready to receive and act on feedback.
We noted with great interest that there are folks at NVIDIA who have a significant background at the intersection of security and AI. A collaboration, we believe, could allow us to grow together by synergizing our expertise in hardening the security posture of your and/or your customer’s AI/ML model assets.
Looking forward to hearing from you,

In particular i heard from Vanessa today during the webinar that NVIDIA provides pretrained AI/ML models. One aveneue of collaboration i see is partnering with us to provide vulnerability scans on the models made available by NVIDIA.